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Residential Commercial and Industrial Appraisals

Welcome Home Realtors is a full service Commercial, Residential and Industrial Real Estate Appraisal firm located in Pencil Bluff, AR. Established in 2013 our company offers a wide range of products and services to help you meet your needs or the needs of your client. Our service area includes Pencil Bluff and surrounding areas.

Over 10 Years of experience

For over 10 years we have provided top-notch professional services for affordable prices.

Real Estate Market Value Appeal

If you decide that you are in need of an appraisal for Real Estate Market Value Appeal we can help. We have our finger on the Real Estate market because we are a part of the Real Estate market. Located in Pencil Bluff, we have been completing residential and commercial appraisals for over 7 years. Within the past three years we have completed over 50 real estate tax appeals, both residential and commercial, for properties located in the city. We are experienced with the real estate, the market, the BRT, and the process

Estate Tax

Are you in need of an appraisal for inheritance tax purposes? An appraisal of the real property is one of the first steps to settling the estate and we can help. We have been completing appraisals for the purpose of inheritance tax for over twenty years. Please call our office for a fee quote. We will need the property address and the date of passing of your loved one.


Residential Appraisals:

Conventional, FHA, Relocation, Collateral assessment (REO/PMI) and Review

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Phone: 870-139-1601 | Email: contact-us@welcomehomerealtors.net

Commercial Appraisals:

Form Reports and Narrative Format

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